zaterdag 12 september 2009

New Releases!!

OK, first I received some comments on my downloadlinks for the freebies.
mediafire had the hickups and so you couldn't download the freebies.
As for I can see, Mediafire is back up and running so, you can download again.
So it wasn't at your end, neither on mine ;)

Today 2 new kits are released!!
Remember that those kits are 20% for today only.
First it's Time 4 Tea
I've painted the cups, pot and flowers myself, and I think they're so sweet.

It has a sweet Upper and Lowercase alpha too

Here's what my wonderful CT did with the kit

The next kit is a gorgeous grungy fallish - autumn-ish kit
Wind Song

I see I forgot the dropshadows on the LO's...ow well...early, 1 coffee, and a very grmbl dd.
Doesn't mean they aren't still gorgeous :)

Guess i have to walk in the warzone now and get that monster in the shower :(
have a great weekend!!

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Anoniem zei

OMG... ladies just gorgeous LOs and gorgeous kits Tamara!


-- dalis