maandag 31 augustus 2009

Sale and new new NEWS!!

Check out my store!! It's 30% on sale till friday!!

Just because I want to, and I'm saying goodbye to me as an exclusive designer for IL.
Before I went exclusive I received a great invitation by Linda from My Life and Scrap, and this weekend I've accepted it. It's a great way to expand my business as a designer....

So YAY for me @ MLAS
I've been busy stocking up my store there, so I'll be live soon YAY!!

Still IL will stay my home, cause I'm loving it to death over there!
And already started my challenges. And there's something new at IL.

I'm hosting the Song Lyrics challenge

But I host a new challenge too!
It's called Scrapping U-Turn, and it's fun, a bit scrapping in the dark.

The images take you to the challenge, so I hope you'll come and play with me :)

More news from IL:

A new Mega is coming out, and I have to's the most funky awesome totally COOL fall kit I've ever seen!! And I'm not just over the's really really REALLY COOL!

We had such a blast with the whole birthday month at IL, and every member participating was so active, gentle and warm, that we pull something from it.

The 2 daily download kits were such a blast that we want to give you each month a daily download....that's 2 kits for FREE each month...And starting tomorrow...I love the kits you'll get!

Also September is the start of our new Blog!! There are a couple of us who have a day we blog at the IL blog...and yep...I'm one of them....So keep an eye on the thursday's post ;) I'll challenge you!

We also introduce a Subscribers area, where you can get crisp brand new items, that are never sold elsewhere for only $5 a month, $12 for 3 months.

So all is glad I can participate in all of it :)

Till the next post

zaterdag 29 augustus 2009

Super SUPER saver weekend!!

Super Saver Weekend is back and you can find items from our designers for as low as $1.50 each all weekend long!

And all the new releases are 20% off Saturday only – so get in on that deal while you can! (excludes commercial use)

So what does that mean for you....?!

You can get my Photomasks sets for $1,50 each!
That saves you 45% WOOT!

And I have some great new treats for you....what about 3 brand new kits with 20% off for today only?!

The first is my vision of Christmas....really, I don't like Christmas here in the's all commercial and copycatting from the US, and I want snow for Christmas, and I never get it, so Santa doesn't excist for me :D

It's called "Kissing Santa"

Nice colors huh?

The second kit is an elegant one I think
It's called Dedicated

And my CT did a gorgeous job with this one

And my little pearl...My kit where I've been the most proud of.
Especially because when I started with the kit I was so not happy with it, I almost
threw it away. So glad i didn't do that, cause it turned out my best kit ever i think.
And luckily others noticed it too, cause this was a RAK at DST, DSA and IL, and I never had so many replies on a kit!

It's Bleached, and with Bleached I finally found my design style. After years of not being very comfortable with my style, it was such a hodgepodge, I think my style is really clean with some color pops here and there. So YAY for Bleached and my Style

Look what my CT did with it!

Did i already say I'm so proud of it and my CT? I DO, I think they're totally awesome

So I guess that was it for today :)

Ow crap no...forget something.

I've teamed up with Robyn aka Scrappergirl Designs and made a fall themed kit.

It's full of fallish elements and the most soft velvety feeling gorgeous papers!
So check out the IL store for these releases and sales!!

Be back soon with more great news!

woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Wish 4 it Wednesday!! And a RAK!

Browse through the IL store and make your wish in the forum

Saturday my new releases will be out at IL YAY

Got 2 kits and 1 collab with Robyn aka ScrapperGirl Designs

My newest kit Bleached I give away...

If you leave a comment at DSA, IL, or DST (or you comment on all threads lol) you can win this great colorPOP kit

maandag 24 augustus 2009

*Tutorial* Soft multicolor paper

Ok, not my first tutorial I've written, but my first tutorial for PS
(I'm usually a PSP user, but I've switched to PS)

What we're going to make is a soft multicolored textured paper YAY!

What you need:

a colorswatch of your liking
I'll take the one that's already in my preset manager

2 greyscaled overlays. I with texture and one paper/cardboard/light grunge.
I took the texture from my freebie (the blogpost under this's free!!)
and I took a cardboard overlay from Amanda Rockwell!! (she rocks overlays)
but any other will do the trick too.

Ok let's begin making papers!!

- Open a new file 12x12" transparent, and fill it with a color you like.

- Take a basic brush, and make it 2500 in diameter, and hardness at 0

- Choose a color from your swatch and brush on your paper.
Take different colors each time.
I made a little earth/sky/clouds example, but you can go wacko if you like :)

- Now drag your overlay (not heavy textured) on top of your paper.
Set the blendmode on screen if you want a really soft look, or try other blendmodes.

I prefer screen for elegant, soft looks, or overlay for some pop effect.

- Drag your textured overlay on top of that and apply an overlay blendmode

And look what you have just made :)
If you like your paper, merge them together and voila!

Here's my outcome with the cardboard overlay on overlay blendmode

And here I applied a screen you see the softness?

And so you can use it on a lot of papers and overlays...

Here are 2 examples of papers from my StageFright Mini kit

I hope this little tutorial was useful for you

zondag 23 augustus 2009

CU freebie Time!! and INO preview goddess!

Ok, I'm in a really giving mood this week don't I lol

For all the scrappers out there, I've made a sweet little mini,
but for all the designers out there, S4H peeps and for all of you who want it..
I've made a CU overlay freebie!!
It's a little heavy textured with light grunge effect.

Can I have a YAY?!

.: Download :.

And I'm in desperate need of a preview maker
Ok...I totally suckie at making previews!
And I mean....TOTALLY Suckie!

So I'm in desperate need of a preview artist.

What I expect from you...

* make yummie previews from my kits.
* prefer paper preview, element preview, and a paper element preview
* Details preview

What you can expect from me....

* my kits for free!
* coupon at the end of the month for all my PU goodies.

PM me or send a mail with a preview of a preview :mrgreen: (you don't have to be a previewdesigner, but grab a kit and make a preview) to tamaravanwijkATtotally-dDOTcom

zaterdag 22 augustus 2009

New products and 50% Sale!!

It's saturday again, so my new items are released!

I've got a new set of photomasks for you

A set of CU styles

A paper pack

And 2 kits!!

1 is a mini for theatre pictures of little divas
It's called StageFright

And the other is a full kit, for scrapping those old memories
It's called Fading Moments


My whole store will be 50% off this weekend!!
CU & that's a deal!

Hope you'll have a great weekend!

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Freebie Time!!

Ok I just wanted to do this...Because I'm to late for putting it in the IL store
and I just want to give away a little goodie...

And it's sweet and soft, and I totally digging it :D

It's a little mini for you, with 5 soft papers
and 7 elements

And here's a LO I made with it

.: Download :.

Hope you like it...if you do, let me know and leave a little comment.
Thank you!

Wish for it Wednesday

Browse through the IL store and make your wish in the forum

zaterdag 15 augustus 2009

New Releases and a Freebie!!

I think this will be a long long post...But if you can sit it out,
you'll get a freebie in the end lol.

It's saturday so my new items are released!!
Remember, new releases are 20% off for today only!

I've made 3 kits for you....again :)
Do you also love cute pictures of sleeping babies?
I think those are really adorable, so I've made
a kit for those cute pictures.

It's called "G'nite"

I've also made CU styles from this kit too

And here are some great pages made with this kit

My CT member Christy really wanted a bathtime themed kit,
So I tried to make one, and I must say, it turned out very very cute!

So this kit is called "In the Tub"

And here are some really gorgeous pages made with this kit

Aren't those the cutest of all?!

Did you remember my "Name it and win it" post from earlier this week?!
The cute, funky kit with the monkey?
Well I've chosen the perfect name for it....and the one who came up with the name,
and automaticly win a copy of it is.....


She came up with "Going Bananas" and it suits the kit perfectly.
So thank you Ellie, the couponcode and link will be send to you soon!

So here's "Going Bananas"

Which comes with 2 full alphas en 3 layer styles

Some cute pages from this kit

But I promised you a freebie...So here's a free QP
made of "Going Bananas"

I wish you a very great weekend!!
Oh and don't forget the daily downloads at IL

woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Wish for it Wednesday

It's wednesday again!! Go to the forum and make your wish!