maandag 29 juni 2009

New store opening sale!! 20% off!!

Yay, I'm already stocking my new store at
Making new previews, cause I wanted a new look.....again!
And....My Scrapdish store is on sale this week!!
Till july 6th you'll get 20% off of every TotallyD products.
Isn't that a great deal?
My new items are up there, and some re-resellers.

So come on, and celebrate my opening at Scrapdish!!

zondag 28 juni 2009

New additions to my stores!!

Oooooh WoW WoW WoW!!

Maybe you didn't see it, but look for which store I've
become a new designer to?

I Just wrote a little message to Rachel from Scrapdish, if they maybe
had some open spots, and I received a positive reply back!!
Owww man, I was sooooo excited...and intimidated too.
Did you see how many big designers sell there?!
I hope I can meet their expectations of me,
but more than my very best I can't do.

So I put some items already in my Scrapdish Store
and also my latest new items!

Just click my "designer for" blinkies, to go directly to my stores

My 2 newest additions are a great plastic alpha with uppercase, lowercase, numbers
and punctuations.

And also I put an Attitude Wordart pack in my stores
I thought those lines were pretty funny!!
You can also win the wordart at DST, cause it's a RAK.
Want to win it? Just leave a comment at DST,
and maybe you'll be the winner on wednesday

See you later!

vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Look! In my Garden....even if I don't have one! + Freebie

That's right...I don't have a garden.
I'm living in an appartment and have a balcony.
That doesn't mean I'd like to have a garden,
with all the cute little inhabitants I've made for
my new kit!

First of all I have lowered my full kit prices at TotallyD Designs
So get a kit or 2...or more lol

I had time to finish it, cause I'm sick...
Tamara, never say out loud your health is great,
cause it will doom you!
I've got the flu pretty bad, and no, not the mexican type.
Got a sore throat and sucking all day long on icecubes.
My muscles are aching, and my skin is real sensitive...
Yep definitely the flu...UGH!

But that gave me time to finish up my cute little kit.
It's not a kit with a lot of buttons, brads, and ribbons,
but loads of cute drawn animals and things you can
find in a garden.

Cute as a button right?

It's in my personal store at TotallyD Designs,
and at PolkaDotPotato for only $3,00
But if you use this coupon at TotallyD Designs Store,
you'll get 40% off till july 4th...Great deal huh?!

My little gift for you, is the scarecrow I've drawn.
You can get it at 4shared

Hope you can use it, have fun with it!!

woensdag 24 juni 2009

Whoohoo we're Girls on the Loose + Freebie!!

W O W....I was gone for a very frikkin' long time!!

My health is finally great, I'm happy, and got a wonderful life now.
And now I'm BACK!! Isn't my blog look COOL?
It's made with my newest "Coming Back" kit "Girls on the Loose"
It's a fun and girly kit with shopping items.
Yeah yeah, got a daughter now, and she wants to shop everytime
and everyday if she gets the chance...bye bye money :D
It's in my store at PolkaDotPotato too for only $3,50

It was a blast to use bright colors this time,
Never did that actually.
You can win this kit at DST, so leave me
a comment there, and maybe you'll be the lucky winner
on saturday.

I've made you also a freebie!!
This great QP for all your shopping pictures

Get this QP here