zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

HAPPY Birthday Inspiration Lane!! Get loads of free stuff!

Congratulate Inspiration Lane with their 1st!! Birthday...And celebrate this whole month
with 2 free kits (daily downloads in the forum) Great challenges
and just loads of fun!!

Yeah I said 2 free kits YAY
Everyday there will be a downloadlink in the Inspiration Lane Daily Download Section
So go over there now and get the first part of the great "Under the bed" Collab

Want more freebies?
Run Forest Run!! to the ILBlog that's finally LIVE!! And snatch a cool
free Desktop made from "under the bed" collab

The IL Designers did a great job on the IL B-day minikits and bundle!!
It turned out soooooooo awesome!

And if you like to celebrate with us in the forum, change your Avatar in some birthdaylike one!
That's so much fun, and we all laugh about the funny and cute ones people already wearing.
Here's mine....Hamsters are COOLIO!

I also like to welcome Valerie Brown as our August Guest Designer!!
She kicks of with a great circus kit which is on sale too!!

And it's saturday!! That means new releases which are 20% off at checkout!!
I only have a template set this saturday, but don't miss next week...(2 kits again)
Here's my Template Set for 1,2,3 or 4 pictures

Did I forget something?! Guess not..

Ow if you;re looking for the Back to School Collab's the post beneath this on or just click here

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Anoniem zei

Hello Tamara I just wanted to stop by and say Thank you again for the wonderful Temps 01 I won from you at DST! They are great! I also wanted to let you know I blogged about it, you, DST, and Inspiration-Lane. Have a great day!