woensdag 15 juli 2009

I'm proud!! Double Proud!!

I'm still in whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mode lol
A couple of days ago I send a message to Inspiration Lane and
asked if they had any open spots.
I loved the activity around there, and did you know what great designers sell there?
I've kept in mind that they would prolly not accept me, cause who am I?
But yesterday I get a mail from Jenn that they would love to have me...
ME!! They picked ME to be part of the IL family whaaaaaaaaaaa!!
I'm so proud of myself lol

The community is great, the people warm and hilarious
and I feel pretty at home already. They have great challenges too,
so check out their forum
My work will debut saturday, and also my new kit will be launched.

Happy Happy Happy!!

I'm proud part #2
I'm proud because I have a great CT!!
They are so sweet, and are so talented, i couldn't wish for more.
I will introduce them to you now, and showing their LO's made of my Soothing kit:

First CT member is Christy, such a sweetheart
is fast with making LO's for me :D

And here's Crystal

Nicole is my almost neighbour, she's from Germany

Dalis is hilarious, she's great!

Aren't those Layouts gorgeous?!
I also put up a newsletter again, so if you want to get freebies,
coupons and sale information than sign up!!
Have a nice day!

6 opmerkingen:

Crystal zei

Congratulations! What great accomplishments! And thank you for the chance to CT!

Zin from the Alps zei

Congratulations on the news, and yes, you have a lovely CT!

wendy zei

echt super gaaf zeg!! hihi zag dat je nederlands bent.

And the LO's are incredible beautifull!!

Clara zei

Congrats on that great news! IL is a great place... and your designs look fab! Enjoy your new designing gig... I shall keep an eye out for you... :)


Lena zei

wow, that is super exciting news!

TragedyScrapinAnne zei

Congrats hun!!!!!!!

Stopping by from DST Blog Train,
Happy Scrapin' Kat