maandag 24 augustus 2009

*Tutorial* Soft multicolor paper

Ok, not my first tutorial I've written, but my first tutorial for PS
(I'm usually a PSP user, but I've switched to PS)

What we're going to make is a soft multicolored textured paper YAY!

What you need:

a colorswatch of your liking
I'll take the one that's already in my preset manager

2 greyscaled overlays. I with texture and one paper/cardboard/light grunge.
I took the texture from my freebie (the blogpost under this's free!!)
and I took a cardboard overlay from Amanda Rockwell!! (she rocks overlays)
but any other will do the trick too.

Ok let's begin making papers!!

- Open a new file 12x12" transparent, and fill it with a color you like.

- Take a basic brush, and make it 2500 in diameter, and hardness at 0

- Choose a color from your swatch and brush on your paper.
Take different colors each time.
I made a little earth/sky/clouds example, but you can go wacko if you like :)

- Now drag your overlay (not heavy textured) on top of your paper.
Set the blendmode on screen if you want a really soft look, or try other blendmodes.

I prefer screen for elegant, soft looks, or overlay for some pop effect.

- Drag your textured overlay on top of that and apply an overlay blendmode

And look what you have just made :)
If you like your paper, merge them together and voila!

Here's my outcome with the cardboard overlay on overlay blendmode

And here I applied a screen you see the softness?

And so you can use it on a lot of papers and overlays...

Here are 2 examples of papers from my StageFright Mini kit

I hope this little tutorial was useful for you

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Mary zei

So cool for making a pack of pp's If I feel adventerous which I may sometime in the future ;)
Thanks for the wonderful tips.

Carolyn zei

Awesome tutorial!! Thank you for sharing. Never thought to do them quite that way : )

Tanyia zei

Great tutorial! Thanks...I find myself coming back more and more to your blog! :)

Melissa zei

Great tutorial ,thanks.

me-bear zei

Great tutorial. Pretty clear. And you've just teached me a fabulous new skill which I sure will use a lot! Thanks a bunch!
xx Monica

Toucan Scraps zei

thank you very much this is really helpful. Now I need to see if I can do something similar with my software.