zaterdag 29 augustus 2009

Super SUPER saver weekend!!

Super Saver Weekend is back and you can find items from our designers for as low as $1.50 each all weekend long!

And all the new releases are 20% off Saturday only – so get in on that deal while you can! (excludes commercial use)

So what does that mean for you....?!

You can get my Photomasks sets for $1,50 each!
That saves you 45% WOOT!

And I have some great new treats for you....what about 3 brand new kits with 20% off for today only?!

The first is my vision of Christmas....really, I don't like Christmas here in the's all commercial and copycatting from the US, and I want snow for Christmas, and I never get it, so Santa doesn't excist for me :D

It's called "Kissing Santa"

Nice colors huh?

The second kit is an elegant one I think
It's called Dedicated

And my CT did a gorgeous job with this one

And my little pearl...My kit where I've been the most proud of.
Especially because when I started with the kit I was so not happy with it, I almost
threw it away. So glad i didn't do that, cause it turned out my best kit ever i think.
And luckily others noticed it too, cause this was a RAK at DST, DSA and IL, and I never had so many replies on a kit!

It's Bleached, and with Bleached I finally found my design style. After years of not being very comfortable with my style, it was such a hodgepodge, I think my style is really clean with some color pops here and there. So YAY for Bleached and my Style

Look what my CT did with it!

Did i already say I'm so proud of it and my CT? I DO, I think they're totally awesome

So I guess that was it for today :)

Ow crap no...forget something.

I've teamed up with Robyn aka Scrappergirl Designs and made a fall themed kit.

It's full of fallish elements and the most soft velvety feeling gorgeous papers!
So check out the IL store for these releases and sales!!

Be back soon with more great news!

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Carolyn zei

Ohhhhh BEAUTIFUL kits. And congrats on finding your style : )