maandag 10 augustus 2009

*Closed* Name it and win it!!

I've found the perfect name for it,
but the winner will be announced when the kit is released
thank you for playing!!
You all came up with some hilarious names :D
Ok, is it a challenge or a RAK?
Or maybe it's both...
I say it's both lol

I'm making a new mini kit with this colorswatch

And here are the previews
But I just can't come up with a great name
for it.

Can you?

Please name my new kit and you can win the whole kit!!
Leave comment with your title, and where i can contact you.
This is also in a IL thread here

If it's possible I need the name by the end of this week :)

13 opmerkingen:

JanMary zei

Love the shades, but I am useless at names!

Name it after me - Janmary !!!

Mom to J & J zei

I like:


and I love the colors.

Nisha zei

lovely colours Tamara ... here's what I thought of:

Mint Candy
Pine Valley
Frosty Pine

Have fun!

Anoniem zei

I thought of:

Cool Breeze
Liquid Cool

You can e-mail me at catscreations08 at gmail dot com.

Love the colors by the way!

Lena zei

....i love that color similar to something I'm working with (but not TOO close of course) for a project I'm doing in Sept. Great minds think alike!:)

Mom to J & J zei

Maybe Cool Jungle

Ellie zei

Ummm.....'Going Bananas' ?? LOL Names are so hard to come up with!

(I'm Ellie80 at DST)

Visiting from the DST blog train:

Shrkmom zei

How about "It's a Jungle out there" or "Monkey Business".
Really cute kit BTW!!

LHadgis zei

I have to throw my two cents in. I love this kit!

Spunky Monkey...the colors are so fun and I love all the bling.

Anoniem zei

Purple Jungle???
or The Jungle Book lol
or maybe Foresty Monkey
if you want to contact me,

Anoniem zei

girl this one is awesome, sorry no help w/ the names, I am terrible at them.

ok... how about "monkey see monkey do"

-- dalis

roxined zei

Love it! How about...
Monkeying Around
Cool Monkey
Funky Monkey
Monkey Time

Kristin zei

Cute kit!!! Looks like you have moved too! Inspiration Lane, very cool! :)