donderdag 30 juli 2009

Win $4 for my IL store...or just snatch the FREEBIE!

Latest news news news news!!
From August 1st, I'll become an exclusive designer for Inspiration Lane YAY!
I've decided to go exclusive so I'll get more time to advertise, promote, and
make my designs better. I really love the Inspiration Lane family.
They're all so warm, friendly and funny, and the things they do for the store,
community and members are beyond great! I'm glad I'm a part of it!

Ok, I'm in the mood for a little challenge, and you can win!!
I've made a template yesterday, and you can download it for free ofcourse,
but if you make a great layout with it, and link me up in my commentsection,
your name will be in my great magic hat, and maybe you'll be the winner
of a $4 coupon for my Inspiration Lane store!!
And that's COOL! Don't say it isn't

Here's the template

.:Download expired:.
Want to see what you can do with it?
Here are some great LO's from my CT and
CT from IL

Those are fabulous!
And all made of my kits Fab Fabian, Time Stood Still and Soothing, except for the tiger,
that one's made by me with the Safari Stampede
by Late Night Scraps.
So if you want to win $4 than play!!
it will be cool...promise.
This challenge will end August 6th.

And otherwise, have fun with the template!
Ow and don't forget....
If you want to be a contestant for the
"Scrap your pants off"
Still some days left to sign up

Happy thursday!

13 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Fabulous template, thank you.

Vanessa zei

great template, thanks!!!

ulisa zei

Congrats with exclusive designer!! And thank you for the template!!

IvoryKeys zei

Congratulations on going exclusive. Inspiration Lane is a great place! Your CT did a great job with the template. I really love the variety.

Lilipuce zei

Thanks for this great template

Mommy Spice zei

I blogged about your template challenge! :) Hope you get lots of participation! And I'm so glad you're going exclusive with IL! :D

Lutine zei

Thanks for your template!!

TheMommason zei

Thanks so much here is my layout also used The Safari Stampead Collab.

Anoniem zei

merci beaucoup pour ce template

Anoniem zei

here is my link:

-- dalis

barbara zei

Love your template! Here's mine:

Anoniem zei

encore merci pour ce template
voici le lien de ma page

lea&ugoscrap zei

thanks for this template !!