zaterdag 11 juli 2009

Sneak Peek, some LO's and such :D

And a new weekend has arrived again!!
Time goes by so very quickly, I'm feeling of loosing control about it
My DH (to be ) was very sick this week, and we had to rush him to the ER with a fever up to 104F (40C). He has Strep throat, and thnx to some great advice from people over at DST I could manage it to take the fever down. Man was I scared !
And now...I think he gave it back to me but lol
I managed to put my new kit "Our Soft Side" in my stores, and people received it very good YAY!
I also got 3 wonderful girls for my CT, but I'll introduce them to you later.
I know they'll do a very good job, and hope they can keep up with me, or vice versa.

I was also Rak'd with some great kits, and made a couple LO's with it.

My Daddy, using Tracie Stroud's Dad's the man

Ok this wasn't a RAK but I loved the kit Hugs&Kisses 4 dad
by Jaydy Day Studio @ Polkadot Potato

Little Red Bird by Lily Designs is such a beautiful kit,
and I was so happy I won this kit!!

LoveLoveLove is a freebie and is such a sweet kit by NewLifeDreams,
it totally suits my little girl

And the last I won was Tangerine Sky by Nikki Beaudreau,
Really loving the great elements and clusters.

Over @ ScrapDish we have some great challenges. You can earn points for great coupons up to 25% off!!
Tahera has an Abide by the Rules challenge and it is fun!!
This months rules were:

You must use a striped paper in combination with a dotted one
You must use a doodle shape
You must have the color blue in your LO

my LO came out pretty I think

My girl is such a model
And now over to my newest kit...It isn't in store yet.
It will be launched next week I think, but I want to give
you a little Sneak Peek so you can get a feeling about it.
I'm very proud of this kit.
I think it's one of the most beautiful ones I've ever made.
So for now, have a great weekend!!
Of to hit the sack...or design a new kit.

2 opmerkingen:

ulisa zei

Woow, your new kit looks amazing!! Looking forward to see all kit!! And your LOs so wonderful!!

MiniBullyMom aka Laura B. zei

Glad to hear that your hubby is okay. Nothing scarier than a high fever. The layouts are absolutely amazing. I love the "looking for shells" one.