zondag 28 juni 2009

New additions to my stores!!

Oooooh WoW WoW WoW!!

Maybe you didn't see it, but look for which store I've
become a new designer to?

I Just wrote a little message to Rachel from Scrapdish, if they maybe
had some open spots, and I received a positive reply back!!
Owww man, I was sooooo excited...and intimidated too.
Did you see how many big designers sell there?!
I hope I can meet their expectations of me,
but more than my very best I can't do.

So I put some items already in my Scrapdish Store
and also my latest new items!

Just click my "designer for" blinkies, to go directly to my stores

My 2 newest additions are a great plastic alpha with uppercase, lowercase, numbers
and punctuations.

And also I put an Attitude Wordart pack in my stores
I thought those lines were pretty funny!!
You can also win the wordart at DST, cause it's a RAK.
Want to win it? Just leave a comment at DST,
and maybe you'll be the winner on wednesday

See you later!

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